Books to read about Spain and Madrid

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The Chorizo Chronicles

Here’s an article that caught my interest today. It a list of books to read about Spain. Unfortunately, I’ve only read one of them: The Sun Also Rises.

Spanish people can complain about guiris and their obsession with Hemingway, but the reality is that Pamplona would be nowhere today without that book. There’s a running with the bulls type festival in a thousand other Spanish towns. Anybody up for the one in San Sebastian de los Reyes this year?

Probably Restaurante Botín would be much less known also, if it weren’t for Hemingway. At the end of the book, Big Papa name-checks Botín and the suckling pig, which you should try if you’ve got the money.

homage to catalonia

Anyway, here are a few of my recommendations for books about Spain and Madrid:

La Colmena, by Camilo José Cela. A story about poverty and society in postwar Madrid. It’s one of these…

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